Gann Law Of Vibration An Arduous Gann analysis

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Gann Law Of Vibration: Best Tool for Traders and investors

Gann Analysis For Nifty50 Outlook: Identified 18344 level as a TOP for rejection & it went right. Good Example Of Gann Law Of Vibration.

On 11/1/22 I shared a prediction on twitter that Nifty could face rejection from 18344. As a result, from 20/1/22, Nifty faced a strong rejection right at 18344 and fell for more than 1000 points!
I used the Gann Law Of Vibration an essential topic of my 👉 Gann Course.
Sharing their references in the attached 3 images.
More references of using the same concept: Law Of Vibration

Law Of Vibration WD Gann Used On Maruti, identified 7190 level was as a Bottom for reversal & it went right!

On 24/12/21, I found an opportunity to trade in Maruti stock. Here, I twitted that Maruti can face good upside reversal move or bounce from 7190 price level. As a result, the moment Maruti reached 7190 level from 7449, it bounced right from 7190 and moved upside for more than 300 points! 

As Per Gann's Law Of Vibration System: In CNX Auto identified 9785 level as a Bottom for reversal and it went right!

In below attached 3 tweets I am sharing a reference of my prediction on CNX Auto Index. The prediction bullish when it completes a downward move till marked green line in image which is 9744 price level.
This level was too identified on the basis of Gann’s Law Of Vibration System.

Recent most example of Gann Law Of Vibration Application on Dowjones.

(1) Very first on 22/2/23 shared possibility of Dowjones making a new All Time High

Dowjones Gann Analysis 1

(2) As per Gann Time Cycle and Gann Law of vibration it was estimated that due to Dowjones all markets will surprise all bears.
(A hint of reaching upcoming new high in Dowjones) Read below image carefully to understand this. 

Dowjones Gann Analysis 2

(3) On 22/11/23 again reminded about Dowjones move towards ATH.

Dowjones Gann Analysis 3

(4a) On 23/11/23 again gave a hint of ATH by saying hold your temptation going short in Dowjones.

Dowjones Gann Analysis 3

(4b) As explained in 4a image to avoid going short in Dowjones until it does not close below 35180, not even a single candle could close below 35180. And, finally Dowjones has breached its previous all time high and now making new All Time High as predicted.


Dowjones Outlook As Per Gann Law Of Vibration: Identified 33251 and 32491 levels as a Bottom for reversal and it went right!

The Law Of Vibration The Revelation Of William D Gann Used On Nikkei to identify 33251 and 32491 levels as a Bottom for reversal and it went right!

I used Law Of Vibration subject to make a prediction on Nikkei index to realise from where it can reverse for upside trend. Well, the ongoing downtrend just ended at predicted 27452 level and we had very good tradable bounce from that price level. 

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