About me

a trader, investor, mentor & learner .. 
updating my self constantly to help myself & others, specifically to those who has an interest in learning wd gann Theory, 5 elements & maximising their spread across their relevant audience.

I Design traders’ mindset, Balance 5-elements in their life & help growing their business digitally.

With years of experience in Financial markets, marketing & balancing 5 elements I have mastered the skills of solving actual problems of clients. I have worked with businesses from different niches so you can rely on me for yours. 

Why I Started teaching Gann Course & consultancy for Balancing
5 Elements ?

I truly believe knowledge blossoms if shared with honesty !! If it is kept secret it stops working for you at some point of time !! I believe “Knowledge” is the only asset that exists forever once exchanged, rest all material assets has an expiry.

My story as a Trader & Investor using WD Gann Theory & As a Vastu Consultant ..

I Began my Fin-journey when I was 19 year old. In total 20 years’ of experience I could realise that there is no strategy, no theory, no logic can make you money if you exclude DISCIPLINE from the process. Even a stupid strategy can make you earn well if you follow it consistently with being in Discipline. Initially I was AN anti-investor and a biased trader, than became an anti-trader and an active investor who followed only fundamentals.. After several years could realise how it is important not to be biased to any pattern. Its just about a right proportion that is needed to be fixed for each pattern.  After spending years & learning WD Gann Theory, thankfully now enjoy every bit of Investments, trading & Day trading as well. Looking forward to share what I know and what is fruitful to the community. Spend some time on my website if you are really interested to spend a successful decade in stockmarket and not just much keen to trade on daily basis in stockmarket.

Why I Had an Interest
in 5 Elements
(Vastu Shastra)?

To learn Gann Theory you must have understanding of either 5 elements, astrology or numerology to digest its magical effect on stockmarket, and vastu covers 5 elements very well which is actually the ultimate base of astrology & numerology. Every planet, number colour, shape & every object represents one specific element. E.G. MOON PLANET & BLUE COLOUR REPRESENTS WATER. MARS & TRIANGLE SHAPE REPRESENTS FIRE. MUCH MORE TO SAY ON THIS, CAN READ MY BLOGS FOR MORE CLARITY. ULTIMATELY THIS MADE MY JOURNEY EASIER TO DECODE WD GANN Theory. 

How I succeeded as a trader & as a mentor for 
WD Gann Theory?

I CHANGED MY SELF TO AN EXTROVERT PERSON FROM AN INTROVERT PERSON. eARLIER WHAT I WAS DOING WAS JUST KNOWN TO ME AS I WAS NOT ACTIVE IN ANY OPEN FORUM WHERE CAN EXCHANGE VIEWS & OPINIONS. ONCE I STARTED PUBLISHING MY WORK & MY VIEWS PEOPLE STARTED GETTING CONNECTING WITH ME & APPRECIATING WHAT I DO & THAT REALLY MOTIVATED ME than i started believing more in my self, it inspired me to start sharing more & teaching which does not only help me to generate additional revenues but also it is polishing my skills and making me more able to improvise in my subject. accuracy of my prediction & my Gann trading results is actually getting better day by day. i must also thanks to the digital media, after learning skills how to actually stimulate search engine of google & twitter, i could actually be able to reach out right audience within short time.

Watch it for at-least 4-5 minutes before you go to sleep, you should feel amazing !!