Case Study Of Fundamental Research And Gann Application On De Nora India

De Nora India Share Price: At the bottom of this page, sharing a real case study of combining Fundamental Research and Gann Course Content. Also, shared result of the prediction.
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Sharing a Key to succeed in Stock Market

This is something that I do for my self and can not teach as it is very lengthy process and lot of patience needed to stick to your research that really really pays back multifold in future. 
Yet I would love to share something that can definitely make a difference in your investing journey.  

Giving direction to reach out to next step

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Guiding to avoid common mistakes made by all investors & traders

Understand one thing very clearly,
whatever data is available freely on any website such as screener, stockedge, NSE, BSE, Money Control etc. about a company tells us only what has happened with the company so far & effect of that used to always seen on Price much before you scrutinise the cause. Yet you need to have record of all relevant data!

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Price is always sensitive and have been reacting in present by judging the future events. So one has to judge the future events at-least just after the price has judged it. If anybody can logically and rationally read the future growth, will always be in a position to time & buy the stock at cheaper rate & can grow multifold.

To have these activity done one must need many datas, which are not available at single source, and most even don’t know from where to access relevant datas. 

You need to walk through a process in 3 steps which is being shared  : )

Explaining what successful investors does


First Arrange data of any listed company in which you have an interest of making investments. 

showing step 1 how investors should analyse & what data they need to analyse.


Step-1 gives an Idea of how is the basic fundamental hygine of your shortlisted company, and based on the assessed  data in well arranged sequence you can categorise stocks in A,B & C category. What ever has happened till date, only those things can be studied here, what should happen next can be covered in next steps.

De Nora Share Price: Sharing Benefits Of Combining Fundamental Research And WD Gann Theory In the Right Way

Fundamental Analysis Of De Nora Company
Reference Of Fundamental Research On De Nora Company
Reference Message: When Shared opportunity at 237 Rs.
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