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What I do ?

I do everything that holds my interest & indulge me into the process with an absolute involvement and I feel exactly same while rendering my services as a financial coach, 5 Elements Consultant and as a Business Consultant. Since years passionately practicing WD Gann Theory, Vastu Shastra & Business Networking. 
Being a Nifty Trader & A Coach Of A Trading Course that is taught in India & Overseas based on 100 years old methodology revealed by William Delbert Gann! On this page, I’ll be sharing some interesting insights for those who are searching “how to start trading in the stock market”?

Mentor of WD Gann Theory, Stock Market and Nifty trader.

As a nifty trader using wd gann theory, 30% times I fail & i am right 70% times in Stock market !! As an honest stock market tutor sharing something for all traders & investors ..

Glimpse of The Trading Methodology

Both are ever changing !! And we always want to predict the upcoming change of both for our own benefits..

Now think, is it really possible to predict the change of Market & Nature well in advance with 100% accuracy.. ?
In my view the answer is NO !!  Actually the answer is I am unable to do so !!

Yet I am able to sense the CHANGE just before it is going to happen
by observing what is changing just before the major change either of Nature or Market !!

Let me take an example of Nature here..

We all know that Monsoon comes after Summer..
But we can not predict the exact date & time when there will be first Rain !!

Similarly, we all know that after every booming period of Market, It Crashes / Corrects and
after Correction it will again start rising..  Market or Stocks never moves in straight line,
it always move in non-linear pattern. Here our concern is, we can not predict the exact date & time of Stockmarket that when the fall will stop or when the ongoing rise of Market will end.
Being honest, I am UNABLE to be right all the time with 100% accuracy !!
Yet, with the help of this theory I am able to identify
the change trend in Market most of the time and failing too some times in judging the exact turning point of the prevailing trend of stockmarket.

Take the example of Nature ( Summer & monsoon ) little seriously
to digest the concept what I am trying to explain..

In Nature major change does not happen just like that,
it has to prepare itself & make the surroundings able to let the required change happen successfully
& to happen for a good Cause.

There is a law named “Law Of Cause & Effects”
Every Cause has its effect in nature and every effect belongs to a specific Cause..
Rain is nothing but just an effect of Summer..
Now coming back to Stockmarket, to connect this “Law Of Cause & Effect”  or “Nature” ..
Whenever Market crashes it does not fall just like that..
before the fall you can actually notice “repeated patterns” & its “preparation” before getting crashed.

Now is it really possible to observe such “repeated patterns” or “preparation” of Market to identify its probability of getting crashed.. ??

The answer is Yes !! It is possible.. And it is also true that there are chances that you go wrong.
But trust me most of the time you can go right in your prediction !!!

Now if it is really possible than is the process really easy that any one can walk through it ?
Answer is .. I would say learning it from somebody who is practicing it thoroughly,
It is easy, as it is simplified.
Decoding the process on your Own is really time consuming, possible, difficult but NOT IMPOSSIBLE !!

If you want to decode on your Own and wish to reduce the Time frame, what you are suppose to do ??
Answer is,  you need to learn either of below mentioned things..
1) 5 Elements ( Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Space) Or
2) Numerology Or
3) Astrology
If you learn any of these 3 things & start comparing behaviour of them &
find when what changes and compare your findings
with Market you will find many many similarities..

for example.. among 5 elements,
each element is controlled by the element which is located at 180 degree to that element. Like, South that hold Fire energy/element gets destroyed by North that hold Water energy/element.
And both are located exactly opposite to each other.

Now understand there is a distance of 180 degree between all opposite elements.
Now think how it can have any connections with Market.. ?
To know this, know what is that one thing which is always at opposite side.. ??
HIGH PRICE & LOW PRICE of a Stock of 1 single day.
Most of the Time, I have observed 180 degree distance between HIGH PRICE & LOW PRICE of Nifty.

I have more than 35 such examples of 1 specific method of this trading theory which are sequenced,
you can go through them by clicking on the button located at the bottom.

There is so much to share about this concept, will try my best to keep updating on the subject
to both who wants to learn from me or who wants to learn on their own..

I am not a professional writer, yet just trying to express my findings on the subject in a best way with a great honesty.
Hope this efforts could bring a change in someone’s life for a good Cause.

Thank You Very Much For staying with me,

See you soon on next article.. !!

Mentor of WD Gann Theory, Stock Market and Nifty trader.
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