Why Indian Stock Market is Rising?

Why Indian Stock Market Is Rising? Confounding Insights!

Both, Why Indian Stock Market is rising from 24/3/23 and Why Indian Stock Market fell from 1/12/22 till 24/3/23 is explained here. It is true that Indian Stock Market or Nifty has witnessed almost 10.88% fall from 1/12/22 to till date. Many people trust media. They believe that heavy Foreign institutional selling, Russia v/s Ukraine war and such common visible factors are responsible for this down trend. However, I do not agree with this for some valid reasons. My position is argued and foreshadowed further in the ensuing paragraphs.

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Why Indian Stock Market is Rising and Falling

Challenging The Narrative:
Foreign Institutional Investors And The Stock Market Fall

Highlighting few over exaggerated reasons. First, the primary argument media put forward as a cause behind the fall was that Foreign Institutional Investors have sold their funds worth around 51,060 crore Indian rupees. They believe selling pressure from FIIs has created a negative sentiment by increasing more and more supply than demand. However, I differ to this to a large extent. I believe that mere funds sell off can not be always a major cause.
To support this, I would like to bring your attention to the 2022 year, where FIIs has sold 2,78,000 Crore INR funds (source of information) !!!!! This is much bigger than 2023’s till date sell off. If FIIs selling has any connection with Share Market fall then our Indian Stock Market could have faced huge recession period in 2022. However, if we look back and check 2022 period, Indian Stock Market, specifically Nifty has given 5% returns on YoY basis. So, Nifty as well as Sensex could actually were able to absorb the shock of selling pressure surged by Foreign Institutional Investors.

The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on the Indian Stock Market Rise and Fall

Now, discussing another most spoken reason, The Russia v/s Ukraine war. Although many people said this is the reason why Indian Stock Market or Nifty is facing negative trend from January 2023, I would say this is again not the main reason but yes it has more weightage than the primary argument of FIIs selling pressure. This is due to the fact that Stock Market is very sensitive and it senses the danger much before we even start thinking of !! Usually, If any uncertain event is about to happen on future time-line then stock market or price gives its reaction to that event much in advance before the occurrence of that event.

Let me now highlight the main cause, why stock market is falling?

There are 3 reasons why it is falling,
on below mentioned dates I could predict that.. yes, we have made a top & the fall should continue until Nifty does not reach between 16640 to 15940 levels.
22/12/22 and

Why it was falling?

Reason Number 1:
We noticed number 9 in Nifty on 1/12/23. On 1/12/22, if you list down 7 key planets’ location degrees, total them up, divide them with 7 number you will get 243 number. Now if you total this average,
e.g. 2 + 4 + 3, you will get number 9. Number 9 is very powerful, it brings transformation and it is known as the ultimate cause of every change in Nature. Already predicted this and shared in public forum, such as Twitter, click on reference tweet for proof.
Reason why stock market is falling

Reason Number 2:
From 30/9/22, Nifty completed 1440 degree price cycle on 1/12/22 date by reaching at 18881 price. 18881 is exact 1440 degree from 30/9/22 low price, which was 16747.
Whenever, any instrument completes 1440 degree in one direction, it starts preparing its self to change its direction. In my Gann Course, “Gann Circle” topic is explained in details, with this topic we can analyse how to find 0 degree first and then to calculate 1440 degree from that 0 degree point.

Why it started rising?
1st Hint of upcoming rise in Indian Stock Market

Reason Number 1:
Intensity of fall from 1/12/22 to 22/12/22 was linked with an important ratio, that ratio is 0.25. 0.25 ratio is very important part of Law Of Vibration. This topic is the main essence of entire WD Gann Theory Course that I explain in great details.
Among all above reasons, the most interesting reason is Mercury planet. On 20/1/23 had mentioned that what has happened after 19/1/23 is going to last till 24/3/23. A day after 19/1, we close below the low price of 19/1/23 and the downtrend continued exactly till 24/3/23. On 24/3/23 Nifty made a bottom and started swinging in opposite direction of the prevailing trend (19/1 to 24/3) !!
Sharing reference of this tweet also, walk through below embedded tweet:

Why Is Stock Market Rising
Mercury planet impact on nifty on 19/1/23
Why Is Stock Market Rising
Mercury planet impact on nifty on 24/3/23

Reason Number 2: On 13/3/23, As per Gann Time Cycle analysis I could find that Nifty can rise by minimum 900 points from 24/3/23! As a result it has increased right from 24/3/23!!
Sharing another reference of such Nifty Gann Analysis.

Why Nifty and Indian Stock Market Is Rising
Why Nifty and Indian Stock Market Is Rising

2nd Hint of upcoming rise in Indian Stock Market

On 22/5/23, Hinted not to hold any sell positions beyond 22/5/23. (Refer below attached image)

Reason Number 2 Why Indian Stock Market Is Rising

3rd Hint Of Why Indian Stock Market Is Rising

  1. On 6/6/23 when Nifty price was 18600, Shared hint of upcoming rise and possibilities of 19262 & 19782.
  2. On 16/6/23, Hint was share of Nifty’s approaching for ATH.

Reason3 Why Indian Stock Market Is Rising?

Further Hints of bullish trends from 26/10/23 was too shared. Supposed to update them all here as well. I will update them here very soon.

Click On WD Gann Theory Course to return to the Gann Course Content page.

With below given topics of WD Gann Theory you can analyse and make such effective predictions in advance:

What Is Gann Theory?
Gann Square Of 9
W.D. Gann Circle
WD Gann Time Cycle
Law Of Vibration
Gann Astrology


As I could find the right cause of prevailing effect, we would be in position to identify validity of repercussion of the cause.
By this I mean, we will be able to understand how long the ongoing fall will last and where it may end.

Thank You for staying till the end.

Wish you a very healthy and wealthy journey ahead, see you soon in next blog!

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